Advertising, Vending & Displays

Advertising Options & Policies

The Benson University Center provides four options for advertising.  All advertising must be communicated via one of these four areas: vending and information tables, easels, digital screens and bulletin boards.  All advertising and postings must comply with the Statement on Expression outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.


    Advertising Policies

    Information, advertisements, documents and notices of any kind must be approved by the CP&S Administrative Office before being affixed or adhered to any surface of the Benson University Center, other than public bulletin boards (see “Bulletin Boards”).   This includes interior and exterior surfaces.  Freestanding signage is not permitted any where inside of Benson unless approved by CP&S.  Freestanding exterior signage may be removed if it impedes traffic or is deemed to be a potential safety issue.

    Approved postings should only be hung using approved materials.  Postings should never be hung with duct tape, staples, masking tape, hanging strips, mounting putty, paste, spray adhesive or thumb tacks. Groups found using these products may be subject to fines for damages.

    Unapproved postings will be removed and discarded by CP&S Staff. Parties responsible for posting materials in unauthorized spaces will receive a notice on their first offense. Subsequent offenses could result in conduct violations.

Vending and Information Tables

CP&S provides vending and information tables on the second floor of the Benson University Center, for use by student organizations, university departments and members of the general public such as retail vendors, non-profit groups, or job recruiters. These can be reserved in advance by submitting request form in DeaconSpace. All off-campus companies and organizations must submit an Off Campus Space Inquiry and be approved by the CP&S Administrative office. Fees may apply.

Please note that off-campus companies and organizations are not permitted to reserve vendor tables during the annual New Deac Week.  New Deac Week is August 19-25, 2019.


    Vendor Table Policies

    Who May Use the Tables
    The vendor tables are open to members of the Wake Forest community such as student organizations and university departments, and members of the general public such as retail vendors, non-profit groups, job recruiters, and anyone else wishing to distribute information to our students. All off-campus companies and organizations must obtain prior approval by calling the Benson Administrative office at 336-758-4869 before reserving a vendor table.

    Chartered Student Organizations or those sponsored by the Department of Entrepreneurship may reserve the vendor tables at no charge. University departments may also reserve the tables at no charge. All others must pay a table rental fee of $60 per table per day.

    Reserving a Table
    Submit a Benson Center Vendor Table Request through DeaconSpace. Vendor Table requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Off-campus users must submit an Off Campus Space Inquiry.

    Selling Items or Services
    After receiving confirmation of a vendor table reservation, chartered student organizations or university-sponsored student entrepreneurs may sell goods or services without prior clearance from the CP&S Administrative office. All other organizations/companies wishing to sell merchandise or accept payments of any kind in the Benson Center must obtain approval from the CP&S Administrative office (commissions apply). Non-sponsored students wishing to conduct retail sales, whether the proceeds will be donated to charity or not, must have prior approval and pay a commission.

    Table Details
    Each table is a standard six feet in length. There are three tables available on a first come, first-served basis. There is no limit on how many tables may be reserved.

Benson Center Advertising Easels

Advertising space on our second and third floor building easels can be requested by submitting an Easel Request Form. Advertising easels are only available for use by departments and chartered student organizations.

Informational poster displays require a reservation for the 3rd Floor Rotunda in DeaconSpace.


    Advertising Easel Policies

    Poster cannot publicize any event that will be serving alcohol.

    Posters must include the sponsoring group’s name and at least one form of contact information (email or phone).

    Easel space is limited on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Benson University Center and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Posters should be brought to the administrative office. Benson staff will attach each poster to a board and place on an available easel.

    Easels may be reserved for up to two weeks. Posters must be removed immediately after reservation has ended. If not, it will be removed by office staff and thrown away. CP&S assumes no responsibility for the safety of posters or displays.

Benson Center Digital Screens

The Benson digital screens are located on the 2nd floor (in lobby outside food court) and the 3rd floor by the Office of Student Engagement. University departments and student organizations may submit advertisements to be displayed on a rotating slideshow on the screens. Please submit your request at least three business days before your requested start date.

Bulletin Boards

There are three bulletin boards available for general postings in the Benson University Center.  Two are located in the rotunda of the second floor; the third is located inside of the entryway facing ZSR and Olin.  The boards are open to members of the Wake Forest community and members of the general public.  Bulletin boards are cleared by CP&S staff on the first Friday of every month.  Postings with upcoming dates will be allowed to remain.  Any posting that does not have a date or has expired will be removed.  Postings must clearly identify the group or organization responsible for the posting.  All postings must comply with the Statement on Expression outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

There are also several smaller boards available in the Post Office on the first floor of the Benson University Center.  These boards are monitored and maintained by Mail Services.

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