Promote your organization or event

The Benson University Center provides four opportunities for advertising to the Wake Forest community; vending and information tables, easels, bulletin boards, and digital screens.  Please review the relevant advertising policies and the “Statement of Expression” outlined in the Student Code of Conduct before making a reservation.

Vending and Information Tables

CP&S provides three vending and information tables on the second floor of the Benson University Center. The vendor tables are open to members of the Wake Forest community, such as student organizations and university departments.

To reserve a table, complete the “Vendor Table Request Form” in DeaconSpace.

Note: Student organizations intending to sell goods or services must register their fundraiser with the Student Organization Finance Office before they can accept any funds. Off-campus companies and organizations must call 336-758-4869 for approval before reserving a table.

Benson Center Digital Screens

Benson University Center has digital screens are located on the 2nd floor (in the lobby outside food court) and the 3rd floor by the Office of Student Engagement. University departments and student organizations may submit advertisements to be displayed on a rotating slideshow on the screens.

To request a digital screen display, please fill out the Benson Digital Screens Request Form at least three business days before your requested start date.

Advertising Easels

Benson University Center has several advertising easels available on the second and third floors, which are available for use by departments and chartered student organizations.

To reserve an easel, please submit an Easel Request Form.

For informational poster displays, please submit your request through the “3rd Floor Rotunda” form in DeaconSpace.

Bulletin Boards

Everyone is welcome to post flyers to any of the three bulletin boards on the second floor of the Benson University Center. No reservation is required.

Contact Us

Campus Programs & Services Administrative Office:
Phone: (336) 758-4869
Fax: (333) 758-4883

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: Benson University Center Room 139
(Office of the Dean of Students)