Student Employment

Student employees are an integral part of our operations. With flexible hours and almost 80 employees, it is easy for students to arrange work schedules around classes and extracurricular activities.

Working with CP&S puts our student employees at the center of campus life, offering constant interaction with students, faculty & staff and the general public. It’s a fun and exciting work environment! New student employees are given a primary job assignment, but are also expected to function as energetic, committed team members, working together to provide excellent services and activities for the WFU community.

Some of the possible primary assignments are: Information Desk, University Switchboard, Setup Crew, Office Assistants, Benson Ticket Office and our newest area, MRKT, a student team that designs creative marketing materials for Campus Programs & Services, as well as other student organizations and university departments. Please let us know if you’re majoring in Marketing or have particular creative skills!

Questions about our student team? Let our managers tell you more.

Ryan, Copy Center

The Benson Copy Center completes printing orders satisfying departmental and student needs alike. We produce important materials related to marketing, presentations, projects, and more.

“The best part about being a Benson manager is feeling that I have the power to make a positive impact on students and staff. I'm glad I'm able to make others happy through work that I like to do!”

Taylor, Info Desk

Info Desk is the most important job station in Benson! Not only are we the face of Benson, but we are representatives of WFU. We direct students, faculty, staff & visitors around the building & campus and give them any information they need. We also are in charge the checkin/ checkout of keys for room reservations in the building & Campus Life vans.

“The best part of being a Benson manager is learning leadership and brightening students days with house cup!”


MRKT is a student graphic design team that works closely with departments and student organizations across campus in the creation of flyers, posters, logos and any other graphic design needs. We are a small but mighty team that is one of the most exciting offices in Benson, in my opinion, because we get to meet and work with such a diverse range of students, faculty and staff.

“Being a Benson manager has been a highlight of my senior year not only because of the amazing team of managers that I've been able to be a part of but also because I have the honor of managing the best staff/office (MRKT) imaginable. My role as manager has helped me grow both professionally and personally as I have learned to manage more job related responsibilities and interpersonal skills. ”

Emma, Office Assistants – Dean of Students

Dean of Students office assistants help facilitate comfort and cohesion in the office. This includes directing students to their appointments, managing confidential documents for student conduct hearings, and generally maintaining the tidiness of the office environment. We’re often the first face students see when arriving for a meeting, and we know how much of an impact this can have.

“The best part of being a Benson manager is the community surrounding leadership. We get to spend time planning and brainstorming with other managers, feeling support from our supervisors, and getting to know our employees at a greater capacity— all while practicing and refining our leadership skills. ”

Emily, Office Assistants – Student Engagement

I work in the Office of Student Engagement.   We oversee several areas of campus life, including Student Union, Student Government, and Fraternity and Sorority Life.  The office plays a huge role in helping students find their place on campus and making them feel welcome in the community.

“My favorite part about being a Benson Manager is working with my employees. I have a really amazing team who work hard and make the office fun to work in. ”

Jamie, Set Up Crew

The Set Up Crew provides support for every event that goes on in Benson.  We set up and take down every event, and we are there to help make sure those events go smoothly.  From audio-visual support to equipment management, we are always on call!

“Being a student manager is awesome because I really get to see how my job on campus has an impact on students.  Benson is at the heart of our university and so I love being behind the scenes of what makes our campus work!”

Jed, Switchboard

Switchboard is integral to Wake Forest University. We are responsible for fielding a myriad of different call types in a respectful, helpful manner and aptly transferring calls to the correct administrative/academic department. We serve as the “voice of Wake Forest”, and are always happy to assist any caller with any questions.

“Serving as a student manager in Benson has been a wonderful experience. Getting the opportunity to manage a team of employees while still in college has served as great leadership experience as I prepare to enter the workforce in May. ”

Carly, Ticket Office

At Ticket Office, we act as a liaison between the Wake Forest student body and Black Tie Transportation Inc. We sell transportation to and from the Greensboro and Charlotte airports by offering private cars and discounted group shuttles exclusively for Wake Forest students. We also sell discounted movie tickets to the Grand Theatre!

“I have always loved working in Benson, but I am especially grateful for the growth and development being a student manager has provided me this year. Being a manager has helped me gain experience leading and coordinating with a team. It is very important to me that all my employees feel seen and included and so I work hard to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. ”

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