Student Employment

Student employees are an integral part of our operations. With flexible hours and almost 80 employees, it is easy for students to arrange work schedules around classes and extracurricular activities.

Working with CP&S puts our student employees at the center of campus life, offering constant interaction with students, faculty & staff and the general public. It’s a fun and exciting work environment! New student employees are given a primary job assignment, but are also expected to function as energetic, committed team members, working together to provide excellent services and activities for the WFU community.

Some of the possible primary assignments are: Information Desk, University Switchboard, Setup Crew, Office Assistants, Benson Ticket Office and our newest area, MRKT, a student team that designs creative marketing materials for Campus Programs & Services, as well as other student organizations and university departments. Please let us know if you’re majoring in Marketing or have particular creative skills!

Questions about our student team? Let our managers tell you more.

Charles, Copy Center

The Benson Copy Center is all about helping others better spread ideas and information. From faculty course packets to fliers for events, resumes and embarrassing photos of your friends, we help you say what you need to say the best way you can.

The best part about being a manager in Benson is working with my fellow managers to make Benson a happier, more welcoming space through our programming. It’s a lot of fun, and it gives you those warm and fuzzy feelings too.

Maaheen, Info Desk

The Information Desk is the face of Benson–it is the most student facing job station, so it is our responsibility to provide a welcoming environment when people walk through the front doors. When Benson is open, we are open, so that we can answer questions, give out keys, and guide people around the building. We are the place to come for campus maps, the Lost and Found, and a friendly, helpful face!

The best thing about being a Student Manager in Benson is being able to lead a team of people who genuinely care about making Benson a better place for those who use it. I also enjoy the programming and planning aspects of the job because of the constant interaction with the Wake Forest student body.

Lauren, MRKT

MRKT works with student and university organizations to design creative posters, flyers, and logos. Our role is to create visual representations of what student organizations and departments are looking for!

The best thing about being a student manager is being able to work on a team with other students who share a love for design and creation. It is amazing to have a designated space for creativity and to help facilitate the creative process with university organizations. I think one of the best things about being a student manager is seeing how far everyone’s design skills come over the course of the year.

Raven, Office Assistants – Dean of Students

Our role is to not only be leaders within the Benson University Center, but outside of it as well. Through the various programming initiatives that we’ve done over the years, it has been our goal to positively impact as many people as possible. It is our job to create and maintain a sense of community among all of our Deacs!

My favorite thing about being a student manager is the fact that you have the opportunity to interact with and build relationships with a multitude of different people. I have gotten to know a ton of different students through this position, even if those students know me as the girl who is always handing out free stuff in Benson. I’ve made friends in staff members, my employees, and fellow managers that will definitely last a lifetime. Being a student manager is the best thing I’ve experienced since coming to Wake in 2016!

Meagan, Office Assistants – Student Engagement

My team works to facilitate both a welcoming and productive environment within the Office of Student Engagement. We do this by working to help all students foster a sense of belonging through the knowledge we hold within our job station. These office assistants are a dedicated group who enjoy the daily tasks that accompany the main goal of “helping every Deacon find their place”.

The best thing about being a student manager is having the ability to make an impact within the Office of Student Engagement. Not only am I growing as an individual while exercising my leadership and professional abilities; I am also able to work towards creating a more streamlined process for my current office assistants and for those who will hold this position in the future.

Jamie, Set Up Crew

The Set Up Crew provides support for every event that goes on in Benson. We set up and take down every event, and we are there to help make sure those events go smoothly. From audio-visual support to equipment management we are always on call!

Being a student manager is awesome because I really get to see how my job on campus has an impact on students. Benson is at the heart of our university and so I love being behind the scenes of what makes our campus work!

Dana, Ticket Office

The Ticket Office services Wake Forest students, faculty, staff and guests by selling airport transportation, movie tickets, fair tickets, and more.

I love being a student manager in Benson because it gives me the opportunity to work with Wake Forest faculty and staff to better the campus community.

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