Get to know the MRKT student marketing team! Click on the names below to learn more about each of our designers.

  • Lauren Epps

    MRKT Manager

    Pleasanton, CA

    Senior | Business & Enterprise Management Major | Sociology Minor

    Fun fact: I’m a triplet.

  • Kalyn Epps

    Pleasanton, CA

    Senior | Communication & Anthropology Majors | Spanish Minor

    Fun fact: I learned how to salsa dance while studying abroad Salamanca.

  • Emily Ecclestone

    Palm Beach, FL

    Senior | Communication Major

    Fun fact: I’ve lived in 15 different houses and 3 different states.

  • Echo Wu

    Hunan, China

    Junior | Communication & Studio Art Major

    Fun fact: When I was six, I was the only person who was dared to stand next to a tiger and took a picture calmly.


  • Hannah Mendoza

    Jacksonville, FL

    Sophomore | Mathematics Major

    Fun fact: I am learning how to play Ukulele.

  • Cat Mizzi

    Stony Point, NY

    Junior | Women & Gender Studies Major | Counseling and Theatre Minors

    Fun Fact: I am 100% Maltese (no, not the dog, the little archipelago country in the middle of the Mediterranean.)

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