Meet our MRKT team! Click on the names below to learn more about each of our designers.

  • Cat Mizzi

    MRKT Managerheadshot

    Stony Point, NY

    Senior | Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Major | Health and Human Services & Theatre Minors

    Cat has been with MRKT for two years now and is so excited to be the manager at MRKT! She is excited for her senior year and can’t wait to see what lies beyond Wake Forest for her.

    Fun Fact: “I have the cutest cat, Floyd, named very fittingly after Pink Floyd.”

  • Payton Deese


    Senior | Psychology Major | Philosophy & Japanese Minors

    Payton is extremely passionate about creative design and storytelling, and enjoys applying his creative skills to making designs for organizations on campus.

    Fun Fact: “I can’t touch my toes!”

  • Hannah Mendoza (currently abroad)

    Jacksonville, FL

    Junior | Mathematics Major

    Fun fact: “I am learning how to play Ukulele.”

  • Elise Burger

    Charlotte, NC


    Elise is hoping to major in Business & Enterprise Management: Marketing.

    Fun Fact: “I have an irrational fear of bananas.”

  • Echo Wu

    Hunan, China

    Senior | Communication & Studio Art Majors

    Fun fact: “When I was six, I was the only person who was dared to stand next to a tiger and took a picture calmly.”


  • Yucong Chen (Steven)

    Nanning, Chinaheadshot

    Sophomore | Philosophy & Art History Major

    Steven is  trying to pursue Art through studying Philosophy and has found out nothing yet.

    Fun Fact: “I don’t know if it’s fun but I am allergic to shrimp terribly, so if I accidentally had some shrimps, my lips would get swollen, which my friends think looks pretty funny.”

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