Airport Shuttle Service Information

All passengers must wear masks. Be on time for your reservation! Black Tie and CP&S assume no responsibility for flights missed due to passenger tardiness.

Timely Departure:
Greensboro PTI: Departure time from campus must be no less than 2 hours prior to flight time.
Charlotte Douglas: Departure time from campus must be no less than 4 hours prior to flight time.

Travel Information:
Providing printed flight information is strongly encouraged, this assists the dispatcher should problems arise. You may also display flight information to staff on a laptop or mobile device.

Email Confirmation:
You will receive an email confirmation once your reservation is confirmed. Please read this carefully to be sure it is correct and reply to Black Tie Transportation with any needed changes.

Pickup Locations:
Departing: During daylight hours, departure is from the parking lot in front of the Benson University Center. Before 8am or after dark, drivers will pick up at any location operated by WFU Residence Life and Housing.

Arriving Greensboro: Upon arrival at your terminal, please turn your phone on and go to the baggage area for your flight, even if you do not have checked baggage. The driver or a Black Tie greeter (returning from breaks) will meet or call you. He or she will have your name, flight info and cell phone number. Do not leave the airport with any driver not able to provide this information. If you are unable to find Black Tie staff and have not been contacted, please call the company at 336-768-5177 to check in with the dispatcher.

Arriving Charlotte: When your flight lands, please turn your phone on as soon as possible. The driver or a Black Tie greeter (returning from breaks) will call or text you to give you instructions. If you arrive in the terminal and have not been contacted, please call the company at 336-768-5177 to check in with the dispatcher.

Airport Wait Times
Students with standard car service not traveling back from a break should not experience any wait for a driver. Should the driver be delayed for any reason the dispatcher will contact the student as soon as it is feasible to do so. On the busy Sundays when students return from breaks, all students pay the same price for a reservation and all reservations are handled in an identical manner. Black Tie staff will contact students upon landing, to advise them where to check in and wait for the next shuttle. While in some cases there will not be a wait before returning to campus, all students should arrive at their airport prepared for a waiting period not to exceed the established group shuttle wait time for that airport. In Greensboro, the maximum wait time is 1 1/2 hours, in Charlotte the maximum wait time is 3 hours. During the waiting period, Black Tie greeters will do their best to keep students well-informed about the progress of their transportation arrangements.

Traffic Delays:
Travel times to the airports we serve are minimum 45 minutes (Greensboro) or 1.5 hours (Charlotte). Major highways used to reach these destinations often are subject to traffic delays from road construction or accidents. Black Tie and Benson University Center assume no responsibility for issues caused by traffic delays, as these are completely beyond anyone’s control. If Black Tie staff become aware of substantial delays that may affect your departure or pickup, the dispatcher may attempt to contact you to modify your arrangements. It is your responsibility to answer your phone and respond to any voice mails you may receive from Black Tie Transportation (336-768-5177).

Availability of Private Cars during holiday travel periods:
The executive car service provided by Black Tie Transportation through Benson Ticket Office is offered at a discounted rate; therefore, private vehicles are never guaranteed. If you need to guarantee a private car for any reason, please contact Black Tie transportation directly to arrange for full-price service (or contact any other service provider of your choice).

Lost Items:
Black Tie Transportation and Benson University Center assume no responsibility for items lost or left behind on shuttles. If lost items are discovered in vehicles, they will be taken to the lost and found at the Black Tie Transportation office and held for 30 days. Students may call or visit the office to inquire about such items. Lost items will not be delivered to campus. In addition, Black Tie drivers are unfortunately unable to interrupt a reservation to return to a location because of lost items. Students should therefore pay extra attention to the location of their important personal items (such as phones and wallets) while riding on our shuttles.

Illness/Intoxication on shuttles:
Due to unfortunate incidents during the past year, Black Tie Transportation must now charge a cleaning fee to any student who damages a shuttle through vomiting, whether due to illness or intoxication. This fee will be assessed based on the amount of damage and the number of incidents of vomiting and can range up to $750. Therefore, if a student is aware of being ill with a stomach virus or flu, he or she should inform the driver immediately and be prepared to handle the possibility of vomiting by bringing a plastic bag or other receptacle. In addition, Black Tie Transportation reserves the right to refuse service (without refund and at the driver’s discretion) to any student arriving for a reservation in a state of obvious intoxication.

Always turn on your cell phone prior to your transportation reservation. If the driver cannot locate you, he or she will contact you by phone. After multiple phone calls, if you still cannot be located and have not contacted the dispatcher, the reservation will be marked as a “no-show”. In these cases no transfer credit can be issued and the reservation is forfeited.

To cancel or change a reservation within 24 hours of your flight or while you are traveling: Call Black Tie Transportation at 336-768-5177. After hours you may have to leave a message with a service and the dispatcher on call will contact you shortly.

Generally if changes/cancellations are made prior to a driver departing to pick you up at your location/airport then it is possible to issue credit. Otherwise the trip will be classified as a “no show” and the fare is charged whether service was provided or not.


Refund Policy:

Contact Black Tie Transportation for their refund policy.