Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ applies to our standard service and may not reflect all policies/procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Is Black Tie Transportation a reliable, safe company?

    Our daily car service and group shuttle service are provided by a locally owned and operated company providing executive-quality service. Featuring spotless vans and town cars and a tenured chauffeur staff, the company prides itself on its twenty years of outstanding service to the Winston-Salem community. The company carries all the licenses, certifications and liability insurance required by state and federal law. All drivers undergo criminal background checks and drug testing – in fact, due to a 2012 political convention in our state, the staff now has Secret Service clearance!

  • What is the difference between “Daily Service” and “Group Service”?

    Our daily service is by reservation only through the Benson Ticket Office. Black Tie drivers meet students at the Benson University Center during daylight hours and transport them to the destination airport. Before 8:00 AM, students can be picked up at residence halls and other on-campus locations (those operated by the Office of Residence Life and Housing).

    On the busiest travel days, we offer group shuttles to Greensboro and Charlotte at a discounted fare. This service is usually provided via motor coach, departing from campus according to a pre-set schedule. Space on these shuttles is limited, so students should make reservations as early as possible by visiting the Benson Ticket Office. Airport arrivals at Greensboro and Charlotte on specific busy travel days are also offered at a discount fare.

  • What airports do you serve?

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (Greensboro) and Charlotte Douglas Airport.

  • How long does it take to get to each airport in normal traffic?

    Greensboro PTI – 32.2 miles, 46 minutes.
    Charlotte Douglas – 88.5 miles, 1 hour 36 minutes.

  • When should I plan to leave campus to get to my flight on time?

    In order to assure that no one misses a flight, our daily service departure time tables are mandatory – we reserve the right to refuse service to any student not willing to observe these requirements:
    Greensboro departures: Must leave 2 ½ hours prior to flight time.
    Charlotte departures: Must leave 4 hours prior to flight time.

    Since the departure times for group shuttles are limited, the travel times can be a little bit more flexible (by this we mean in the 15-20 minute range). Important: students must take responsibility for leaving campus in time to make their flight! Traffic jams on the interstates between campus and our regional airports are quite common and can lead to significant delays. Families who plan to utilize our group shuttles should carefully consider the posted group shuttle departure times, the student’s class and/or exam schedule, and the travel time to the airport. CP&S and Black Tie Transportation assume no responsibility for flights missed due to inadequate travel time or a lack of passenger planning.

  • How far in advance does this service need to be booked?

    Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Remember the ticket office isn’t open on Sundays, so Monday trips need to be booked even earlier. Space on group shuttles is limited, so these should be reserved as soon as possible.

  • Why do you request printed or electronic flight information?

    Bringing printed flight information to the ticket office or allowing our staff to view your itinerary on your mobile device allows us to verify that all flight information is correct. This assures timely pickups and helps avoid the inconvenient errors that can occur when incorrect information is given to the driver. In addition, in order to provide the most efficient service possible, Black Tie dispatchers and drivers sometimes monitor flights to be aware of delays or cancellations.

  • Do you provide discounts for students riding together?

    No. In order to provide an efficient and organized way for students to conveniently reserve reliable airport transportation, our processes don’t include arranging shared cars or vans. Please be aware that despite this, students will frequently share vehicles during busy travel periods when our entire student body is leaving campus at the same time. Other companies in the area may charge per car instead of per passenger, so if you have a group that wishes to travel together, it may be more cost effective to purchase your transportation from another vendor or even share a taxi.

  • When are group shuttles offered?

    We offer group shuttle departures to Greensboro and Charlotte, as well as one-price discount service for returns on the Sunday following the break, for Fall Break, Thanksgiving and Winter Break. At this time we do not offer any group shuttles for students returning from Winter Break, but our standard service is always available to students traveling at that time.

  • I’m going home for a break but don’t see a group shuttle offered for the day/time of my flight. Can I still make a reservation?

    Yes. Our group shuttle times are arranged based on our past experience of the busiest travel times for students, but if you’re traveling at a different time we can still help you. You’ll need to arrange car service at our daily fare. Please be aware that at breaks you still may be sharing a car with one or two other students, in order to enable us to serve as many students as possible.

  • Where do I meet the driver to leave campus?

    Shuttles leaving campus during daylight hours depart from the front of the Benson Center. Before 8am, drivers will pick students up at any on-campus location, defined as those operated by the office of Residence Life and Housing. If you have an early morning departure, the dispatcher or driver may call you the night before to verify your pickup location. Group shuttles (motor coaches) pick up in front of the Benson Center.

  • Where do I meet the driver at the airport?

    When your flight lands, please turn on your phone as soon as possible.

    In Greensboro, you will need to go to the baggage area for your flight. Your driver or a Black Tie greeter (breaks only) will meet you at the entrance to the baggage area. If staff have any problems locating you, they will call or text.

    In Charlotte, the driver or a Black Tie greeter (breaks only) will call or text you shortly after your flight lands to give you pick up instructions.

  • I purchased a group shuttle for my return from (Fall Break or Thanksgiving). How long will I have to wait for the driver?

    On the busy Sundays when students return from breaks, Black Tie staff will contact students upon landing, to advise them where to check in and wait for the next shuttle. While in some cases there will not be a wait before returning to campus, all students should arrive at their airport prepared for a waiting period not to exceed the established group shuttle wait time for that airport. In Greensboro, the maximum wait time is 1 hour, in Charlotte the maximum wait time is 3 hours. These waiting periods allow the company to fill vehicles as much as possible in order to maximize driver, vehicle and fuel resources. During the waiting period, Black Tie greeters will do their best to keep students well-informed about the progress of their transportation arrangements.

  • Can you pick students up at off-campus residences?

    We are unable at this time to offer service to area apartment complexes or local hotels; however if your off-campus residence is operated by the Office of Residence Life and Housing, we can provide early morning/after dark service to your location.

  • I need to leave campus early in the morning. Can you pick me up at my residence hall?

    Yes! For departures prior to 8am, we will pick you up at your residence hall.

  • My son or daughter is currently on campus. Can I pay for ground transportation for him or her over the phone?

    We strongly encourage students who are currently on campus to come to the Benson Ticket Office, located in the 3rd-floor lobby area of the Benson University Center, to arrange ground transportation. This allows us to view the flight itinerary, answer their questions and discuss the most appropriate travel arrangements with them directly. There is also a passenger agreement they’ll need to sign.

  • I’m returning to campus after a break but didn’t arrange an airport pickup before I left. What should I do?

    Contact Black Tie Transportation at 336-768-5177.

  • My son or daughter is visiting campus. Can I reserve ground transportation for him or her by phone?

    Not through our office. To arrange ground transportation for a visiting student, call Black Tie Transportation at 336-768-5177. Have your student’s flight information and your credit card ready.

  • I’m going to be finishing an exam when the group shuttle leaves. What should I do?

    The departure times for group shuttles are limited and the shuttles must depart promptly, so we are unable to hold shuttles even for a short time. If it’s doubtful whether you’ll be able to make it to the group shuttle on time, it may be better to purchase car service for your departure from campus. (Since breaks are our busiest travel times, you will more than likely find yourself sharing this car with other students.) Important: Families who plan to utilize our group shuttles should carefully consider the posted group shuttle departure times, the student’s class and/or exam schedule, and the travel time to the airport. Benson Center and Black Tie Transportation assume no responsibility for flights missed due to inadequate travel time or a lack of passenger planning.

  • What if I need to cancel or change a reservation?

    To cancel or change a reservation within 24 hours of your flight or while you are traveling: Call Black Tie Transportation at 336-768-5177. After hours you may have to leave a message with a service and the dispatcher on call will contact you shortly.

    All other changes or cancellations: Send an email to Benson Ticket Office at Our staff will process your change and you will receive an email confirmation. Effective January 1, 2013, we cannot accept changes/cancellations by phone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Generally if changes/cancellations are made prior to a driver departing to pick you up at your location/airport then it is possible to issue transfer credit. Otherwise the trip will be classified as a “no show” and the fare is charged whether service was provided or not.

    If you ever have questions about changes or cancellations, feel free to contact us at 336-758-4265, send an email to or contact Black Tie Transportation at the number on your email confirmation.

    Always turn on your cell phone prior to your transportation reservation. If the driver cannot locate you, he or she will contact you by phone. After multiple phone calls, if you still cannot be located and have not contacted the dispatcher, the reservation will be marked as a “no-show”. In these cases no transfer credit can be issued and the reservation is forfeited.

  • I found another ride to the airport, is it possible to receive a refund?

    Reservations cancelled according to our cancellation guidelines will be issued a transfer credit for an equivalent reservation during the current academic/fiscal year. Students with unredeemed transfer credits may request a refund beginning on May 1 of the current academic year by emailing

  • My ride fell through and I need to go to the airport tomorrow morning! Can you help me?

    Our policy is that reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, however we know things happen sometimes! If you’re in need of a last-minute reservation, come by the Ticket Office or give us a call at 336-758-4265. We will be happy to check with the dispatcher to see if a driver might be available.

  • I’d rather catch a ride to the airport with another student. Does the university have a rideshare board or online system?

    Yes. The Office of Sustainability sponsors a service which helps students share rides. Visit for more information.

  • I left my phone on the shuttle (or in the airport)! Can the driver come back and bring it to me (or take me back to look for it)?

    Black Tie Transportation and CP&S assume no responsibility for items lost or left behind on shuttles. If lost items are discovered in vehicles, they will be taken to the lost and found at the Black Tie Transportation office and held for 30 days. Students may call or visit the office to inquire about such items. Lost items will not be delivered to campus. In addition, Black Tie drivers are unfortunately unable to interrupt a reservation to return to a location because of lost items. Students should therefore pay extra attention to the location of their important personal items (such as phones and wallets) while riding on our shuttles.