START Reservation Policies


START Gallery is available for use by chartered student organizations for 50 people or less for a social gathering or meeting. Faculty members and staff may use START Gallery for special class meetings (film viewing, presentations, lectures, etc), departmental receptions, and social gatherings. Depending on demand, every effort will be made to allow as many groups access to the space as possible.

Appropriate use of the START Gallery includes receptions, holiday parties, and informal University events. Inappropriate use of the START Gallery includes regularly-scheduled meetings, all day functions, dances, fairs, and festivals. You are encouraged to reserve space in the Benson University Center for these types of events.

It is recommended that a request to reserve the START Gallery be submitted at least two weeks prior to the planned event.


A START Gallery employee (manager, work-study student, and/or intern) must be present at all events that take place in the START Gallery and he/she must stay for the duration of the event. This employee is the only person allowed access to the START Gallery key. Groups may access the START Gallery up to 30 minutes prior to the start time of their event.


Administration, faculty, staff, and student organizations may bring in their own food, or use a caterer of their choice. Standing receptions, plated meals and buffet meals are permitted.


No alcohol use is permitted on the premises during use by student organizations. All University rules apply for events at the START Gallery. Social rules and regulations can be found in The Student Handbook.


The artwork displayed in START Gallery is part of an exhibition, and therefore, should not be moved to accommodate events. If it is necessary that artwork needs to be moved (i.e. sculptural work), approval must be given and the artwork handled solely by the present START Gallery employee. Artwork should be put back in place by a START Gallery employee immediately following end of event. Fines will be assessed if artwork is moved without approval and/or damaged.


The furniture located in START Gallery is permanent, and therefore, should remain within the building. If furniture needs to be moved, approval must be given prior to confirmation of the event. Furniture should be put back in place immediately following end of event.

Additional furniture (rented or otherwise) may be brought in.

Fines will be assessed if furniture is moved without approval. Fines will also be assessed if furniture is damaged during your event.


A sound system, television monitor, and Blu-Ray disc player are available for use upon request. Approval must be given prior to confirmation of an event.


There is no charge for the use of the START Gallery; however, groups will be charged for damage or failure to clean up.


Access to the rear storage room is forbidden.

Contact Information

If there is a problem during an event, please call START Gallery manager Marcus Keely at 828.668.2695.
For general questions, please email
All reservations are subject to final approval by START Gallery manager Marcus Keely
Rev. 12-03-10