START Gallery

Reservation Lead Time: 14 business days, subject to approval
Internal Groups: Request through DeaconSpace, using “XXY” form
External Groups: Not available

In 2009, Wake Forest University renovated a retail space in Reynolda Village to house a student art gallery. This space, called START Gallery, currently serves not only as a retail gallery space, but also as a social space for Wake Forest University students, faculty, and staff.

The START Gallery comprises a naturally lit, open gallery space divided between two wings, a prep kitchen (microwave, refrigerator, preparation table, and dual kitchen sink), and one unisex restroom.

START Gallery is available for use by WFU-affiliated organizations for 50 people or less for receptions, holiday parties, and informal events. Faculty members and staff may use START Gallery for special class meetings (film viewing, presentations, lectures, etc), departmental receptions, and social gatherings. Depending on demand, every effort will be made to allow as many groups access to the space as possible.

The Gallery must be requested in DeaconSpace at least 2 weeks in advance, using the “START Gallery Request” form. Please review reservation policies prior to making a request.

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