Lauren Epps

Pleasanton, CAimg_4204

Sophomore | Undeclared major

Favorite part about working on MRKT: I’ve always been more of a creative person and I really enjoy expressing myself through creative outlets. It’s awesome being able to incorporate that aspect of my life into the job that I do and I also love the team that I work with.

What previous experience do you have with graphic design?: In high school I worked in yearbook where I designed numerous yearbook pages, took photos, and was in charge of the writing aspect as well. I also took photos for my high school band and put together photo books at the end of each season that incorporated digital designs.

Which of your design projects are you most proud of?: I made a flag poster that was pretty tedious but it was really rewarding to finally see it displayed in Benson

Fun fact: I love watching basketball and am a huge Golden State Warriors fan.