President’s Garage Policies

1. This space is available for use by chartered student organizations for 25 people or less for a social gathering, 12-15 maximum for a meeting. The Garage is not to be used for regularly scheduled meetings. Faculty members may use The Garage for special class meetings (film viewing, presentations, etc). Depending on demand, every effort will be made to allow as many groups access to the space as possible.

2. A Faculty or staff advisor must be present at all events that take place in The Garage and he/she must stay for the duration of the event. An alternate advisor must be identified on the reservation form for emergency substitution, if needed. The faculty/staff member is the only person allowed to pick up and return the key for The Garage at the Benson University Center Information Desk (must leave a photo ID in exchange for the key). The key can be picked up as early as two hours prior to the event time and must be returned no later than one hour past the event end time for daytime events, and by 9:00 am the next day for evening events. You may access the Garage up to 30 minutes prior to the start time of your event.

3. It is recommended that a request to reserve The Garage be submitted at least two weeks prior to their planned event.

4. All events at The Garage must conclude by midnight unless prior arrangements have been made.

5. No alcohol or use of tobacco products is permitted on the premises.

6. All University rules apply for events at The Garage. Social rules and regulations can be found in The Student Code of Conduct.

7. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it may be necessary to bump groups from The Garage with 72 hours notice. Should this occur, we will make every effort to provide alternate event dates ASAP.

8. All groups must leave the space as they found it – clean and in order.

9. No additional furniture (rental or otherwise) may be brought in.

In Addition:

The President’s house is located in a residential neighborhood, so please be courteous of the neighbors and the Hatch family. Keep noise to a reasonable level. Six parking spaces are located behind the garage, with additional parking in the large parking lot to the right of the main gate.

Do not wander beyond the courtyard area.

You may play basketball outside of the Garage, and basketballs are provided.

You may bring in your own food, or use a caterer of your choice. However, no food deliveries are allowed. The Garage has a full kitchen, outdoor gas grill and fire pit.

There is no charge for the use of The Garage; however, groups will be charged for damage or failure to clean up.

If there is a problem during an event, please call Matt Hatch at 806-8899 (pager).

For general questions, please call Gale Newport at 336-758-5230.

All reservations are subject to final approval by President and Mrs. Hatch.