Reservation Policies for Outdoor Areas

All student social events must be registered through the Office of Student Engagement: Questions? Call 336-758-7168 or email

No amplification of sound, including recorded music, sound checks, microphones and bull horns is allowed on Manchester Plaza or Hearn Plaza prior to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

After your reservation is confirmed, if you need any special facilities assistance with your event (trash cans, electrical power, sand, etc.), a work order must be submitted to Facilities & Campus Services. Reservation staff is not responsible for requesting this type of assistance.

If you will be using Manchester Plaza, Benson Terrace or Reynolda Patio, do not attempt to move the furniture or large flower pots yourself. You must submit a work order as described above.

If you need to construct a stage (there is already a concrete stage area on Manchester Plaza) a suggested vendor is Hauser Rental, 760-5500.

Depending on the size of your event, you may be required to have security during that time. Contact Student Engagement at 336-758-7168 or email to determine what your security requirements will be.

Reynolda Patio, Manchester Plaza, and the Reynolda Greenroom are linked. If one is reserved, the other two may not be used at the same time.