Office Assistants

Office Assistants
CP&S Office Assistants greet visitors and assist staff in the Office of Student Engagement.

How would you best describe your team’s role?

In the Office of Student Engagements the OAs have many different hats to wear depending on the time of day and time of year! In the early parts of the fall semester we work with the staff to make sure Family Weekend (and the nervous parents) remains calm. Year round, we put together, manage, and distribute the event binders and serve as a liaison between the staff and any situation/person/meeting that may walk into the office. In addition, we are expected to complete any miscellaneous tasks thrown at us by the staff to keep us on our toes…anything from tackling the infamous printer to helping with advertising/PR for SE events!

What’s the best thing about being a Student Manager?

I love being a student manager because it gives me a completely different perspective on the campus. Not to mention I get to hear and get excited about all of the cool events while they are still in their planning phases. But, I love specifically being a manager because the Student Engagement OA’s are an amazing team that work together so well. Our squad is so amazing with communication that we have yet to see any real problems. GO OAs!!