Event Resource Managers

Event Resource Managers
Event Resource Managers assist campus groups with social events in campus facilities.

How would you best describe your team’s role?

The Event Resource Management staff are a passionate group of students who strive to maintain inviting campus venues and support events that become a hub of creativity and expression. Our goal is to channel the student, staff, and faculty imagination and help our community express innovative thoughts and ideas in ways that achieve a positive sense of well-being on campus.

What’s the best thing about being a Student Manager?

As the manager for ERM, I have enjoyed sharing and fostering the opportunities for personal and professional development that my employees experience through their interaction with peers and administrators in a collective effort to have a significant positive social impact on campus. Through my work with Campus Programs & Services and the ERM team, I have learned to never underestimate the power of an opportunity, no matter how it may present itself. We all have the ability to shape our lives and touch those of others if we can utilize the time and energy we find ourselves in.