Event Resource Managers

Event Resource Managers
Event Resource Managers assist campus groups with social events in campus facilities.

How would you best describe your job station’s role?
The ERM team is charged with enhancing wellbeing of the Wake Forest student population. This position has a myriad of responsibilities including but not limited to: the promotion and education of strong leadership practices for student groups, risk prevention, bystander intervention, event management, and program development for student stress reduction.

What’s the best part of managing your team?
Witnessing firsthand the potential of up and coming student leaders. Members of my team are very mature, well rounded, and driven, and it is great to manage people with great focus and willingness to facilitate changing the environment and culture of a college campus.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned working for Campus Programs & Services?
I have learned three things. One, that there are always people who are willing to be in your corner to support and guide you. Two, I have learned the importance of being malleable, and being willing to adjust and try new things. Lastly, I have learned that growing up does not have to be a drag, and that a retaining a youthful spirit does not have to comprise the effectiveness of the work.